Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Random Observations somewhat Early in the Morn

My attempt at a microblog... (I think)

  1. It takes two guys doing what they do best for me to get up at 6AM in the morning!!! Yes, thank you Djoker and Rafa for making me see what early morning looks like again… Sorry, Mom and all my alarms… What can I say, "It's not you, it's me!!!" :P
  2. It's an inspiring comeback story to watch Rafa win after so many questions on if he would ever play again were floating around in the last year!!! He definitely embodies the 'Never Give Up' attitude… So proud of you Rafa!!!
  3. There are times Djoker has seemed like the sore loser and so in that sense, it is nice to see him increasingly acknowledge and genuinely appreciate some of the points from the other side of the court… Good sportsmanship Djoker!
  4. After a very very long time, I watched a tennis match I could genuinely enjoy for the tennis as much as BOTH of the guys playing it and it was finally not one-sided for me!!! :D
  1. And so the day begins….. :)

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