Sunday, October 7, 2012

Letter to Mr. Niels Bohr

Dear Mr. Niels Bohr,
On this tewlfty-seventh (read 127) anniversary of your birth, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday wherever you may be. I feel obligated to write this as my thanks for your contributions to helping the world understand quantum mechanics. You see, without those contributions, quantum information and computing would not be concepts to contemplate about thereby making my current area of work for my doctorate non existent!

Of course, as I always wanted to be a Computer Scientist, I would be hacking away for my part in the forest of Classical Theoretical Computer Science problems. However, as you well know, the 'quantum' aspect adds so much spice, mystery and wonder  to those same problems, that I am thrilled to be working in the non-classical 'quantum' setting.

Reading your reply to EPR's 1935 paper on the completeness of the quantum view of reality, was an excellent exercise both to grow my depth of knowledge  and also ponder about it philosophically while trying to understand that 'intrinsic randomness' is here to stay and in fact has always been there waiting for us to discover it.

This may be an insignificant  drop of recognition amongst the sea of your prestigious awards and decorations but please do accept the heartfelt thanks of a wide-eyed-just-starting-on-her-PhD-journey student of science and let me conclude with: So long and thanks for all... your work, insight and fight to discover/prove the existence of quantum mechanics

Yours truly,

PS: Mr Bohr, Mr Einstein and any other readers of this letter are very welcome to correct/point out any errors in the scientific points/facts in this letter (Hopefully there are non).