Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I could kill

I could kill for a swimming pool right here,
The splash when I jump into it is all I want to hear.

I could kill to speed time to the semester's end,
Except that killing does not make space-time bend.

I could kill Life if I found that bitch,
But somehow my life I would rather not switch.

I could kill to just spend a quite holiday,
Oh yes, that would definitely make my day.

I could kill to enjoy the simple joys of life again,
And never let my life ever be mundane.

I could kill to reverse my mistakes by turning back time,
Even though none of them were what anyone would call a crime.

I could kill to save a country, a crowd ar even just a child,
What am I thinking, I must be out of my mind.

I could kill to be one with nature again,
I just hope there's time for that not to be in vain.

I could kill just to see the smile on my parents' face,
But after I kill wont it vanish into the haze?

I could kill for honour, truth and duty,
Is that how the jury too will see?

I could kill if that was the only way to save my life,
Self defense! It's all part of the strife.

I could kill for all these reasons and many more to go,
But would I really? I guess the answer is no.

Sooooo...this is my first poem n my first post in a loooooong time. Would really appreciate it if i cud get a feedback on this.....