Monday, December 22, 2008

Everyday Conversations

Taking a break from the travels to Uttaranchal, I would like to narrate this true story....

So campus life is an experience of its own-a highly recommendable one at that! Hostel mates and campus friends are your kin(as far as campus borders are concerned at least, and then some). Hence, you share with them your deepest fears, thoughts, happiness, burdens of sadness and spend close to 24 hrs with them. They know your likes, dislikes, when you get the stock of good food, new clothes and so on...

In between all the work that is done on campus, there is time that is stolen for the essential, profound life improving, perspective changing conversations and trains of thought that mark our entry into adulthood(hurray!). Following is the excerpt from one such conversation on change, innovation, liberty, freedom and everything a student holds dear.....enjoy!

This is where the conversation stands: availability of hot showers in the bathrooms will be a great convenience.

She: I so agree but bathtubs would be even better.
Me: Oh yeah...and with bubble baths and champagne (or fruit punch if you will) too.
She: How about television with like 160 channels under the sun?
Me: The 40 inch plasma kind on the ceiling so we can watch as we enjoy the tub.

Pause (Time taken to envision such welcoming thoughts)

Me: Our own personal maids/valets, and a limousine (available on exclusive booking) for each hostel
She: You bet! And an awesome wardrobe for every occasion.
Me: With dresses from the world's foremost designers. Becouse that would become the dress code. And of course personal suites for all the students (we will be generous enough to share it with a few students.....)
She: Yes, with attached kichenettes and bathrooms and our own butler, if necessary, and the ability to cook(ooops, order) the most delectable food could be settled for too.
Me: Oooh yeah now your talking....
She: The worlds best known nightclub will be located on our campus with free entries for us.
Me: The world's celebrities would be dying to crash here but if we say NO sometimes they would still understand (they can't help it anyways because it would have become "The Place" to be).
She: They better, we'll become the hottest location in all of Goa and Fame will love to stay with us.
Me: And the icing on the cake is that academics and the technological advancement of the campus won't go down.
She: Ya since everything else is taken care of, we can concentrate on the academics not survival.
Me: Then colleges all over will realize what they should do to get the maximum from their students.
She: And soon they'll start emulating us. There will be educational and psychological models on this new implementation of grad level education.
Me: Autobiographies on our life in the Ideal Campus will be written, movies made on it.
She: Accessories, T-Shirts and mugs will be made and sell like crazy. And we'll get 75% of the profits as royalty!
Me: And all this for the same fees as before!!!!!
She: Oh no! it will be subsidized as the admin is testing this method which has only been on paper till now. For the 5 years they want to conduct the test at least.
Me: It just gets better and better.
She: Our campus will become the best engineering college to attend...
Me: People fighting tooth and nail and anything else left to get in.
She: As the 1st batch passing out of the new "method", we'll be sought after by kids and media on "How We Did It?", staying focused on studying with all the glorious facilities being offered.
Me: The succeeding batches wont perform so well as they come in with the sole attraction to the material facilities and not the joy of knowledge and education...
She: We will be the "Golden Era", the perfect Students to be found.

Right then, of course, the impeccable clock had to chime and our castles were lost to the winds.....

Me: Hey even in the remotest future will this ever be implemented on our campus?
She: Nah! Utopias (especially for the students) don't exist, least of all here.

Then with a stiff nod and firmly set jaws, we parted ways to the more grim and mundane reality of studying for the next Examination straight from Hell.